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No te pierdas...
No te pierdas...
PlanetadeLibros > Foreign Rights > El corazón de Tramórea
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Publishing date: 24/05/2011
672 pages
ISBN: 978-84-450-7829-7

El corazón de Tramórea / The Heart of Tramórea



The Tramórea saga has sold more than 35,000 copies.

Javier Negrete is the best contemporary Spanish fantasy author. His books are eagerly awaited by both critics and the reading public.

El corazón de Tramórea is the final instalment in a journey that began in 2003 with La espada de fuego. Negrete’s readers have been waiting for the final book in the Tramórea saga for years.


There are only a few days left until the three moons come into alignment and the crazy God Tubilok opens the gates to the hellish Prates, which will cause the destruction of Tramórea. Meanwhile, a thousand years after it was first made, Tarimán reforges a sword of power. Ariel must thwart the machinations of the necromancer Ulma Tor and return Zemal to Derguín, while all the Kalagorinôr wizards try to help the humans in their desperate race against the clock and the Gods. All except for Mikhon Tiq, who, knowing the terrible secret of his origins, seems to have become Tubilok’s ally. The pieces are in place for one last battle.

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