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La mano invisible / The Invisible Hand



In La mano invisible, Isaac Rosa addresses one of the great but least explored themes of our time; the work environment.

“A careful and brilliant prose stylist, well endowed with the gifts of irony, parody and sarcastic motes.” RICARDO SENABRE, El Cultural, El Mundo

“Some impeccable and uncompromising narrative constructions.” JOAQUÍN ARNÁIZ, La Razón


As this is not a common subject for contemporary fiction we must issue a warning: in this novel, the characters work. A lot. In fact, they don’t do anything else. And the work is not exactly creative or intellectual; they are not film makers or researchers, certainly not writers. Some even work with their hands. And sweat. And, of course, get tired. And sick, hurt, bored, and desperate. Each morning they feel the depression so familiar to workers who expected something else from their adult lives. The pages of La mano invisible contain people who lay bricks, work on an assembly line, cut meat, sew, polish and load. But they don’t know why. Just one thing is for sure: a hand is pulling the strings.

Rights sold

Wereldbibliotheek (The Netherlands), Astor (Sweden).

Options publishers

Christian Bourgois (France), Klett-Cotta (Germany), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Utopija (Serbia), Olma Media Group (Russia).

International editions 


Other titles of the author 


La habitación oscura

The Dark Room

A gripping novel that combines the suspense of El país del miedo, the social component of La mano invisible and the writing of El vano ayer.

Publishing date: 12 September 2013

El país del miedo

Country of Fear

Film rights sold to: Tragaluz Estudio de Artes Escénicas.

Publishing date: 9 September 2008

El vano ayer

The Futile Yesterday

Premio Ojo Crítico, Premio de la Crítica and Premio Rómulo Gallegos 2005.

Publishing date: 16 April 2004