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No te pierdas...
No te pierdas...
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Publishing date: 05/07/2011
80 pages
ISBN: 978-84-9998-041-6

No nos representan / They Don't Represent Us



The indignados’ manifesto in 25 proposals.

The indignados peacefully occupied the Spanish plazas and spread the movement to other European and American countries.


Who do the indignados blame for the crisis? What do they want? What is their strategy? Do they have a program? Will it change the course of Europe? Is this a worldwide citizens’ revolution?

The indignados want another model for society and they know that it is possible. They have sent a message out from the plazas to the whole world: we want it all and we want it now. The result has been a chain reaction, an ethical revolution which blames all political parties equally. They are not protesting; they are making demands. And they have a political program which is full of ideas. They want real democracy for real citizens.

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Marco Tropea (Italy).

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