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El baile de las lagartijas / The Dance of the Lizards

El baile de las lagartijas / The Dance of the Lizards


Cayute is an old man looking back on his life. As he reminisces about Almoneda, an imaginary land located on the border between Spain and Portugal, he takes us on a journey through the collective memory of a town. Readers will discover an unusual place, filled with inscrutable people whose fates are determined by love in all its variations. We will also be witnesses to the irreparable loss caused by the devastation of Almoneda as Cayute and his friends move further and further away from its magical boundaries; the embodiment of childhood and innocence. Only Cayute will keep the promise he made.

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Highlights The Dance of the Lizards


El baile de las lagartijas is a beautiful novel narrated by a chorus of voices drinking from the headiest founts of magical realism.

The fictional land created by the author holds similarities to Juan Rulfo’s Comala in the blend of characters trapped between life and oblivion and García-Márquez’s Macondo for the way in which the author stretches reality until the credible becomes incredible.

“A story about our recent history that combines novel and rich use of language, an original, complex structure and a beautiful, surprising and captivating plot.” ROSA REGÀS

“The most moving and beautiful expression of magical realism to date. This world is easy to enter but difficult to leave.” ANTONIO GALA

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Publishing date: 2011/04/05 | 352 pages | ISBN: 978-84-8460-966-7