David Viñas Piquer

David Viñas Piquer

Barcelona, España, 1968

David Viñas Piquer (Barcelona, 1968) is a full professor of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the Universitat de Barcelona, where for more than ten years he has been the coordinator for the degree in Literary Studies. He is currently the director of the Universidad de la Experiencia, a training program for people over fifty-five years of age available in most departments at the University of Barcelona.

In addition to numerous academic articles, he has published the non-fiction books Historia de la crítica literaria (2002), Hermeneutica de la novela en la teoría literaria de Francisco Ayala (2003), El enigma best-seller (2009), Erotica de la autoayuda (2012), Josep Pla i l'invent "Costa Brava" (2013), Sin miedo a Borges (2015) and Serrat, Llach i l'efecte Dylan (2018). Stay Longer is his first novel.