Eduardo Manzano
Eduardo Manzano

Eduardo Manzano Moreno (Madrid, 1960) is a research professor at the Center for Human and Social Sciences of the CSIC. His work has focused on the history of al-Andalus and the social implications of history and the profession of historian. He has directed numerous research projects focused in both areas and has also published a large number of articles in publications in Spain and abroad. Among his works are Conquistadores, emires y califas. Los Omeyas y la formación de al-Andalus, (Crítica, 2007); the volume of the Historia de España (co-published by Crítica and Marcial Pons) focused on the medieval period; “The Iberian Peninsula and North Africa” (The New Cambridge History of Islam, Ch. Robinson, vol. II, 2009) and La gestión de la memoria. La historia de España al servicio del poder together with Sisinio Pérez Garzón, Aurora Riviére and Ramón López Facal, (Crítica, 2000).