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Manuel Carballal
Manuel Carballal

Antonio Salas is the pseudonym of a well known investigative journalist who must keep his identity secret for obvious reasons. Since Diary of a Skinhead (Diario de un skin), 2003´s best selling non-fiction book in Spain, he has received as much praise as he has death threats. He followed this title with another equally polemical: The Year I Trafficked Women (El año que trafiqué con mujeres), where he centred himself in the white slave trade networks. His materials have been used as evidence in many cases such as that which ended in the conviction of Hammerskin España, and have prompted political actions such as that of the Mexican government ordering the investigation of the trafficking of girls from Chiapas.

In order to write his latest work, El Palestino (2010), the author infiltrated various terrorist organizations for 6 years under the fictitious identity of Muhammed Abdallah. Salas describes in the book his experiences in the networks of international terrorism.

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