Maria Barbal
Maria Barbal
Tremp, Lleida, 1949

Maria Barbal began her literary career with the novel Pedra de tartera (1985), a landmark in Catalan contemporary
literature which has been translated into thirteen languages. This book opens a cycle integrated by Mel i metzines (1990), and Càmfora (1992 and National Literature Award 1993). Her work as a novelist also includes relevant titles such as Escrivia cartes al cel (1996), Carrer Bolívia (1999), Bella edat (2003), País íntim (2005) and Emma (2008). After her brilliant debut as an
author of short stories with La mort de Teresa (1986), she has published the volumes Ulleres de sol (1994), La pressa del
temps (2009) and Cada dia penso en tu.