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39 Weeks
Original title: 39 semanas
Category: Illustration
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39 Weeks

Original title: 39 semanas
Category: Illustration

Hello! My name is Esther, I’m an illustrator and, very recently, a mother too. 

I haven’t studied medicine, I’m not a midwife, and I’m not an expert in the subject. I’m just a novice going through this for the first time, the kind you might find yourself talking to in a café.  

In this book you’ll find a few useful tips and others that will just make you laugh. I’m hoping to make ‘maternity’ seem less daunting.


Esther Gili, the first-time mother behind the successful blog 39 semanas, shares her experiences during pregnancy and the first few months in the life of her baby in a book full of useful recommendations, good humour and common sense.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-17560-46-1 | Imprint: Lunwerg Editores

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