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50 viñetas que cambiaron el mundo / 50 Comic Strips that Changed the World
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50 viñetas que cambiaron el mundo / 50 Comic Strips that Changed the World


Decades and even centuries before the appearance of social networks, graphic humour was a bastion of liberty that satirized the political order and raised awareness in ways no other media could. Cartoons became an effective formula for mobilizing the population and tipping the ideological balance, leading to changes that might never have been contemplated otherwise. Cartoons were a significant factor in the beheading of Louis XVI, the United States’ entry into the Second World War, the abolition of slavery and even the onset of democracy in Spain.

This work provides fun and accessible explanations of the most notable episodes of contemporary history through the perspectives provided by the sharpened plumes of the cartoonists who were there at the time.

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A fun, accessible way of teaching history.

From the French Revolution to the attack on the Twin Towers, 50 vignettes that stirred political awakenings, driving change and revolutions.

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Publishing date: | 376 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2386-2