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8 días levantándome de #BuenHumor / 8 Days Getting Up in a #GoodMood
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8 días levantándome de #BuenHumor / 8 Days Getting Up in a #GoodMood


Build your happiness with the right tools.

The alarm clock rings and a smile is not exactly what appears on your face. Another day in which you have to struggle with your boss, your duties, your family.... Is it really possible to get up in a good mood or is that something reserved for a lucky few? The answer is clear: we can all wake up happy and maintain this attitude throughout the day, it just depends on the approach we take to our lives.

This book invites us to think in that direction: the direction that leads us to foster positive attitudes and to face any adversity without unnecessarily overstretching it. It will encourage us to appreciate our reality and abandon the complaints and excuses behind which we often hide. To do this, we need to correct what we fail at, which in turn requires working in three different fields: recognition, will and action. We will discover the simple and tremendously effective tools to achieve this in these pages.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-16928-71-2