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Slow Cooked
Original title: A fuego lento
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Slow Cooked

Original title: A fuego lento

Guillermo is tired of aeroplanes, hotels and different time zones… Now, he is considering making some radical changes in his life so he can spend more time with his family, friends and maybe even find love. However, for the moment he needs to concentrate on work and spend some time setting himself up in New York. Emma has sacrificed her dreams to become a successful doctor but now she feels that the time has come to return to her youthful aspirations, so she decides to leave hospital and join the most prestigious culinary school in New York. Together they begin the most intense amorous adventure of their lives. But will the secrets that they are hiding from each other get in the way of their love? Will time manage to overcome the fear that could destroy their relationship?

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-10641-8 | Imprint: Esencia

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