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A solas / On their Own. The Adventure of Living
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A solas / On their Own. The Adventure of Living


A solas tells the story of two childhood friends who meet by chance after falling out of touch for many years. Serena, a successful psychologist, is in India fi nding herself whilst her husband and children wait contentedly forher at home. Martina is, in contrast, an out of work journalist, who has just separated, has a small child and must rebuild her life from nothing.
This is a true story that has been fi ctionalized with masterful simplicity, and as we read the novel we, almost without realizing it, become familiar with the intimate secrets of two strong women who are able, each in their own way, to confront terrible times with hope, always looking to the future.

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A hymn to love in all its expressions and also to life that, even when it is destroying us, always offers a glimmer of hope.

This book is an extremely tense story of personal growth that presents us with losses of vital importance and gives us a great lesson in strength and resilience.

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Publishing date: | 392 pages | ISBN: 978-84-92545-47-6