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All You Need is English
Original title: All You Need is English
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All You Need is English

Original title: All You Need is English

Who hasn’t danced to Let’s Dance by David Bowie or hummed Wonderwall by Oasis? But we’ll bet you’ve never imagined learning English from classic rock and pop songs.

All You Need is English presents all the key aspects of English grammar as explained through songs by British bands and artists as well as anecdotes and curious facts to enhance the reader’s understanding.

It examines the present tense with Queen, the past tense with The Beatles, the future tense with Muse, comparatives with Amy Winehouse and Adele and prepositions with Iron Maiden, the Arctic Monkeys and Supertramp, among many other bands and tracks. 

Highlights All You Need is English


A musical guide to English grammar!

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-16331-2 | Imprint: Zenith