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Anatomía de un desencuentro / The Anatomy of a Failing Relationship
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Anatomía de un desencuentro / The Anatomy of a Failing Relationship


In recent years, satisfaction with the degree of autonomy granted to Catalonia has fallen sharply. Simultaneously, there has been a major increase in support for a hypothetical referendum on Catalan independence. Since 2012, polls report that the number of people who say they would vote yes has risen to over 50 per cent. In this book the author assesses the factors that have led to the current situation, which threatens to result in a permanent separation, providing an answer to a crucial question: is the change in Catalan public opinion transitory, or is it here to stay?

An analysis of the change of Catalan public opinion regarding independence, by the author of España, capital París (Spain, Capital Paris).

España, capital París has sold almost 20.000 copies, over 11.000 of them in Spanish, and was translated into English among other languages.

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Publishing date: | 312 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4727-8