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Learn to Live, Learn to Eat
Original title: Aprende a vivir, aprende a comer
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Learn to Live, Learn to Eat

Original title: Aprende a vivir, aprende a comer

Drawing on her own life experience, Nuria Roura, a lifestyle coach focussing on Healthy, Energetic and Nutritious (SEN) living will set you on the path to freedom and relaxation after exploring several eating disorders and addictions, sharing techniques that will help you to improve and understand your relationship with food so you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy, energetic and nutritious lifestyle, improve your physical and emotional wellbeing and find the things that make you happy and give meaning to your life. Learn to Live, Learn to Eat will show you the steps to take to get back control of your eating, regulate your appetite and become more aware of what drives you to over- or under- eat, perform a detox of stagnant, poorly digested or unexpressed emotions and learn to feed yourself from the inside out, taking some time for yourself every day and re-connecting with your soul’s needs. 

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Nuria Roura’s most personal and inspiring book in which she shares her own experience of eating disorders and shows that it is possible to free oneself of  psychological and eating-related trauma.  

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-17548-3 | Imprint: Zenith