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Original title: Assur
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Original title: Assur

The year is 968. In the midst of the Reconquista, the Norse are planning to invade the territory of northern Hispania to loot the treasures of wealthy Santiago de Compostela, the jewel of the Christian world. On their way, they raid a small town, killing anyone they come across. Assur, a twelve year old boy, loses his mother, father and brother. However, as he can't find the bodies of his sister Ilduara and brother Sebastian, Assur believes that they have been kidnapped by the Vikings. Assur and his wolf Furcon immediately set out, determined to find what is left of their family alive. But their search will be curtailed when they are captured by Norsemen and taken north. There, Assur will live with the Vikings until he is accepted not just as one of them, but as a respected member of the group. With his new compatriots he will sail frozen oceans, conquer unknown lands and discover love. However, his sole obsession is still to recover his loved ones and so, after years of Viking life, he will go back to Galicia, passing through ancient York and Medieval London.

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This is the first novel to depict the Viking invasion of the peninsula.

Assur is an excellent long novel written along classic lines, and a gripping read. As soon as one adventure is over, you can't wait for the next to begin to find out what will happen in Assur's unpredictable life as, surrounded by a thousand spears, he travels through some of the most evocative locations in medieval Europe, from Greenland to Sweden, London to Canada.

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Publishing date: | 960 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9998-131-4 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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