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Cállame con un beso (Trilogía Canciones para Paula 3) / Shut Me Up With a Kiss
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Cállame con un beso (Trilogía Canciones para Paula 3) / Shut Me Up With a Kiss


Time has passed in Paula’s life. New experiences, new friends, new difficulties... distance is love’s worst enemy. Now is the time for important decisions to be taken, but none of them are easy. Especially after what happened in London... 
Alex is determined to become a great writer, but he’s worried about other things. Diana and Mario, meanwhile, will find themselves in critical situations when they must choose the best option. The Sugus no longer exist but...
Might they meet up again? This December everything seems so complicated... Shut Me up with a Kiss.

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In the trilogy Songs for Paula, and the rest of his works, Blue Jeans includes all the ingredients that make him one of young adult readers’ favourite authors: real characters, sparky dialogue, believable situations, protagonists that feel and live like their readers, who share their hopes and dreams, achievements and failures, new experiences and mishaps with their friends... 

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Publishing date: | 736 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-16164-6