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Cambiemos las organizaciones / Let's change the organizations
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Cambiemos las organizaciones / Let's change the organizations


What is the point of investing in people if the organizational system constantly interrupts and slows down the development and expression of their talents? In a changing world, what is our organizational model? Is it fast, agile and allows for the development and well-being of its members? Why are more dynamic companies leaving the traditional ones behind? What model best suits us? Hierarchy? Networkarchy? The Teal model? Holarchy? The dual operating system?

Depending on what we decide, we will be mutilating or developing intelligence, responsibility and collective leadership. Our survival, the success and well-being of our company, will depend on all this. And the author makes reference to all this in this book, destined to be one of the essential references within the Spanish literature on management.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-9875-475-9