Coffee Candies
Original title: Caramelos de café

Coffee Candies

Original title: Caramelos de café

Just after her eighteenth birthday, Valentina faces a future filled with possibilities: soon she will start her life at college, far away from her family, moving to Madrid to live with Melanie, her best friend. But it seems like everything is taking a strange turn. Her mother has just left the family home to shack up with her new boyfriend, and Vale has to help her father and brother learn to take care of themselves before she goes. Her lone consolation is having breakfast at her favorite spot, where the man who waits on her is the most handsome and sensual barista she’s ever laid eyes on, Jon.

Valentina needs to feel like an independent adult and make all the plans she’s been imagining for years come true, but Madrid is holding out a surprise for her: one day, as she walks down the street, she steps into a DIY pizzeria and finds Jon, the handsome barista from Altea, working there as a manager. They start a relationship based around their shared love for cooking and their hopes of making a living from it.

While striving to achieve their goal, they get mixed up against their will in a mishmash of ingredients: new friendships, unexpected reappearances, and the feelings that when they make their decisions, they are losing control, thinking all the while that a recipe made up on the fly will always turn out well.

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Coffee Candies is her first novel, a cheeky YA book with all the ingredients to please readers between 15 and 25: love, friendship, relationships with parents and siblings, studies, problems the youth of today will deeply identify with. 

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-18061-6 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta