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Carta a mis nietas / A Letter to My Granddaughters
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Carta a mis nietas / A Letter to My Granddaughters


Eduardo Punset never allows himself to look back for more than an instant. His objective is to project what he has learned into the future, as he does with this missive to his granddaughters and all his followers. In it he remembers how his mother passed on the curiosity and free spirit that made him into a life-long explorer. Punset passionately outlines the big ideas that have changed the way he sees the world, which he hopes to share with his granddaughters and all readers with an open mind.

The enthusiastic intellectual legacy of a master of scientific education: everything he has learned and enjoyed in his life.

Punset’s titles have been translated into Chinese, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Korean and Portuguese.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-233-5008-7

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