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Married to the Enemy
Original title: Casada con el enemigo

Married to the Enemy

Original title: Casada con el enemigo

After a happy courtship, Raquel and Nabil, a Moroccan man from a good family, married and started off on what looked like a stable, even enviable life in common: excellent careers for both, a solid and caring family network on both sides, and soon, two children.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until Nabil started going to the mosque in Madrid, where a jihadi cell latched on to him. Soon, the doting modern husband, the caring, responsible father, and the professional valued by his coworkers became judge and executioner for his family, obliging them to follow him in his fanaticism. Isolated, terrified, and psychologically abused, Raquel survived as she could in that domestic hell, determined to protect her children. Her nightmare came to an end in June of 2014, when the police burst into her house to arrest Nabil on accusations of terrorism.

Narrated in first person, this is the gripping testimony of Raquel Alonso, a woman who thought she had met the man of her dreams twenty years ago, and who couldn’t imagine the torment fate held in store for her. 

A devastating tale about the process of religious and political radicalization Islamic State is carrying out in the West.

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-5169-8 | Imprint: Espasa