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Catorce veces ocho mil / Fourteen Times Eight Thousand
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Catorce veces ocho mil / Fourteen Times Eight Thousand


Edurne Pasaban is the first woman in the world to climb the fourteen highest peaks of the planet and in this book she shares her experience, explaining how living and working at the limit has changed her as a human being. It also tells of how she feels now that she is the first woman in the world to manage the feat.

But above all this is a love story; a story of love for a mountain and, like every love story, it has passion, joy, and happiness... but also suffering, personal loss, disappointment and resignation. It is a very personal, human book in which she conveys the sensation of being on the mountain, recounting anecdotes and personal analysis of everything her tough adventure means to her.

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Highlights Fourteen Times Eight Thousand


A story of personal achievement and overcoming the greatest challenges.

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Corbaccio (Italy), Musica Iagellonica Sp (Poland).

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Publishing date: | 360 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-10066-9