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Choque de titanes / Clash of Titans
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Choque de titanes / Clash of Titans


Raligg Naggigg is a very special child who lives in the Valley of the Giants, a region subjected to the perverse power of a witch. The strange rumors about his origins have turned him into a lonely and shy boy. However, he’ll go from having a rather boring childhood, ignored by the rest of the giants in the valley, to chasing after a group of mysterious officials who kidnap the inhabitants of his village and the nymph of his sleepless nights.

His friendship with the centaur Mantonegro and the magician Mayisius will completely change his life; together, with the help of new friends, they will undertake a risky journey to defeat evil and obtain the Hechisu, an elixir of extraordinary properties. The child who begins this story will become a warrior who wins everyone’s respect.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-270-4275-9

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