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Código Mourinho / The Mourinho Code
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Código Mourinho / The Mourinho Code


Mourinho is a recognised master of ‘enabling leadership’. More than anything else he has ensured that his players can match some of the best in the world. He achieves this by clarifying his expectations for each of them, helping them to gain a better understanding of themselves, motivating them and encouraging discipline. This book is an in-depth analysis of his defi ning characteristics, describing how he stimulates his players, how he studies his rivals, his media management and the tactics and strategies he uses.

This book is for lovers of football who are curious about the trainer’s philosophy and how he prepares for games, but it is also aimed at anyone who wants to lead their company well, containing lessons about leadership, strategy and team management.

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Highlights The Mourinho Code


Now you can put all ‘The Special One’s’ lessons into practice in your everyday life.

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Publishing date: | 200 pages | ISBN: 978-84-15320-51-7

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