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With Kafka's Permission
Original title: Con permiso de Kafka
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With Kafka's Permission

Original title: Con permiso de Kafka

How has this imaginary independence, which has had great impact on the Catalan population, been forged, in what phases and with what political, institutional and sociocultural tools?

The historian Jordi Canal tries to answer this question in an entertaining, informative and above all rigorous manner. In With Kafka’s Permission, Canal begins with a historical note on the origin of Catalan nationalism, focussing especially in the nineteenth century and the first decades of the past century, following the over twenty years rule of Jordi Pujol. Both his arrival to the political sphere during the Franco dictatorship and his peculiar strategies in key areas of Catalan society and culture will be important elements of this analysis. All this, leads to the creation of a Catalan “national-nationalist” story that has been very influential and has led to the so-called procés, from 2003 to the present; a period in which the discourse and fights for independence have intensified to extreme radicalization.

A controversial book, which will provoke debate and will create a media storm.

On the construction of the independence narrative in Catalonia throughout recent history.

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Publishing date: | 400 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9942-689-1 | Imprint: Ediciones Península