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Criminal Mind
Original title: Criminal-mente
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Criminal Mind

Original title: Criminal-mente

Murder has always exercised a great fascination upon us, perhaps because it is hard for us to understand how a human being can cross that line. The word “murder” pulls up hundreds of millions of hits on Google, and the phrase “serial killer” more than twenty-four million. Criminology is more present than ever thanks to the impact of movies, TV series, and novels, as well as the real crimes that affect us every day.

In this moving book, the author – criminologist, lawyer, and excellent communicator – invites us to step into the unknown world of criminology, forensic science, and criminal psychology. What are the methods criminal investigation professionals follow? How do you produce a complete criminal profile? Who are the serial murderers who have plagued the dark side of Spanish history? What makes some women fall in love with the worst killers? And beyond all these questions is perhaps the most important, and certainly the most disconcerting, the one that frightens but also attracts all lovers of criminology: why do human beings kill?

Criminology as a science.

Why do human beings kill? Why is man considered the planet’s greatest predator?

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Publishing date: | 376 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2738-9 | Imprint: Editorial Ariel