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Cuántica / Quantum
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Cuántica / Quantum


Are we ready for a quantum era? There is no doubt that an exciting future awaits us. Quantum physics will allow us to do things that we can only dream about today. Our challenge now is to recognize that fact and make use of the tools that this book, a real gift, introduces to us.

If Quantum Mechanics makes our lives easier, if we use its lasers, its magnetic resonance scanners and its computer chips, why don’t we know what ideas it is based on? Why do we think that it all must be very difficult to understand? There are so many questions to which we don’t know the answer. What is quantum mechanics? What principles does it follow? Is it an incontestable theory? Is it a series of mathematical rules? Is it a mystery that humanity is beginning to solve or knowledge we are well acquainted with?

José Ignacio Latorre takes us on an imaginary visit to the town of Quantum. He’ll teach us its laws, which are so strange they seem impossible. We’ll also find out that the city of Quantum is on the threshold of a second revolution that will take us into the era of quantum technology and that, we can be absolutely sure, will change the world. Welcome to the town of Quantum!

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The future will be quantum or it won’t happen at all. This book provides the keys to understanding a science that is transforming the world in which we live.

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Publishing date: | 176 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2539-2