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Taking Care
Original title: Cuidar
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Taking Care

Original title: Cuidar

It is not unusual to see elderly people held and bound to their beds in a care home. How do they feel? How do we, as relatives, feel when we see them? But what’s more, can we imagine how we would feel if we were tied up and forgotten for most of the day?

An awareness on this issue is urgent. And this is the purpose that Looking After seeks, a manual of good practice that concerns us all, because dignity should be the fundamental pillar of care. As it is stated in this work, a medical act should never make the patient undignified. From her experience, Dr. Urrutia shares endearing cases of people of all kinds, hard and difficult ones, emotional ones; all overflowing with great humanity.

“I also held and never felt good about it, but the truth is that I never felt guilty ... I am not an abuser; I never did it with the intention of mistreating, I did it to protect, I did it because I did not know how to do otherwise, I did it because even though I said I was taking care of them, I forgot my empathy, but it is also true that I never realized what was wrong... In the end, I avoided the risk, but I was wrong”. Ana Urrutia Beaskoa.

A non-conformist female doctor with a clear objective: to transform society in order to dignify people's lives.

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2759-4 | Imprint: Editorial Ariel