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Of Heroes and Traitors
Original title: De héroes y traidores
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Of Heroes and Traitors

Original title: De héroes y traidores

The relationship between Catalonia and the Spanish state is going through its worst moment. On the horizon, mischievous governments and fratricidal struggles appear again, "the periodic renewal of the scuffle between brothers of Goya", as if it were a historical fatality.

How did we reach this point? Santi Vila describes the errors committed in the sovereignty field - that "must be self-critical and know how to rectify" - as well as those perpetrated by the Spanish Government, enthusiastically cheered by those who consider it indigestible "to recognize Spain as a great nation of nations".

He also details, without any reservations, his experience inside the Government that declared the independence; his efforts in the pursuit of a solution that would have avoided the frontal clash; his prosecution and his trial with the Judge Carmen Lamela; his time in jail and his feelings on how it is to see that the most favorable sectors to the sovereignty transforms him, overnight, from hero to traitor.

"This is a story of political entanglements and short dribblings, of sometimes noble decisions, and sometimes sad ones, of the confrontation between idealists and pragmatists, maximalists and possibilists, turned into heroes and traitors depending on the moment and the person judging them. Unfortunate heroes reunited in the same personage sometimes, in lucid traitors other times. "

The vision of a person who self-defines himself as "moderate in times of revolution", as someone who feels "trapped amongst extremists".

The dilemma of Catalonia or the ten mistakes of the procés

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Publishing date: | 216 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9942-679-2 | Imprint: Ediciones Península