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Dejar de amargarse para ImPerfectas / AN IMPERFECT WOMEN'S GUIDE TO STOP WORRYING
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Dejar de amargarse para ImPerfectas / AN IMPERFECT WOMEN'S GUIDE TO STOP WORRYING


The book offers advice and ideas to change your perspective on life.

Within it, you’ll find:

- A new YOU: an Imperfect Woman.

- A psychologist: a friend offering you positive advice. She suggests tests and exercises to help you assess yourself and practical ideas to put you in a good mood. 

- A neuroscientist: an expert who provides scientific information about the benefits of positive thinking.

- A coach or personal trainer to propose physical exercises and help you to be more proactive.

- A meanie: reminding us of the inner voice that’s always trying to sabotage you.

In addition, you’ll be able to follow a 21 day plan to achieve your objective of getting over your bad moods with: positive thinking to start the day, personal reflection exercises, physical techniques such as yoga and meditation, lists with very practical advice and short, extremely inspirational stories.

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The reign of the Imperfect Women has begun!

20,000 copies sold in Spainin the first 4 months!

Rights sold

Solar Éditions (France), Antonio Vallardi Editore (Italy), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal) and Wydawnictwo JK (Poland)

International editions

Technical data

Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-13362-9

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