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Emotional Predators
Original title: Depredadores emocionales
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Emotional Predators

Original title: Depredadores emocionales

How many of us have suffered from psychological mistreatment in our lives? Who doesn’t know someone whose family or work life has been made impossible by someone else? How does society react to so-called “emotional predators” and how can we relate to them without getting hurt? There are people who cause plenty of destruction in the world around them but who are not found out until the damage is clear or cannot be repaired. This is why it is necessary to learn to distance oneself from these hidden enemies and their hurtful actions in order to keep one’s mind healthy and to live a more liberated life.

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An educational book on psychology which addresses many of the cases the psychologist encounters in her practice.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-10751-4 | Imprint: Zenith