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Desde donde se domine la llanura / Where You Control the Plains
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Desde donde se domine la llanura / Where You Control the Plains


Gillian is known among the members of her clan as the ‘Challenge’ because of her wild nature, which is both her greatest gift and biggest curse. She has been in love with Niall since she was little and they have a wonderful romance that comes to an end when he leaves to fight with the King of Scotland without saying goodbye. Gillian swears that she will never forgive him.

Niall, meanwhile, is just as stubborn and proud as his beloved. Now that he’s back, neither is ready to give in. Each has suffered from the absence of the other in their own way. But life can be unpredictable and the passion they felt in the past begins to take hold once more.

Will they be able to resist?

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Planeta Brasil (Brazil), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal).

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Publishing date: | 464 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-00756-2

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