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This book is the natural followup of the book Tu sexo es tuyo. If the latter dealt with everything that a woman (and a man) must know about their sexuality to live it with the better conditions, this one tries to face the lack of desire and/or the differences with desire inside a couple. The final aim is to help couples meeting again or to help them avoiding sexual problems. The subjects that this book deals with are the pressure for desire, the lack of desire, the differences of desire inside the couple and how to overcome them, rediscovering desire or increasing it... It speaks about everything related to sexual desire and how it affects our lives and our couple relationships, so that we can all find the way to enjoy

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Her previous book, Tu sexo es tuyo is the book about sexuality that has sold the most in Spain (250,000 copies) and has been translated into different languages. The new edition, published by Planeta (Tu sexo es aún más tuyo) has sold more than 45,000 copies.

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Publishing date: 2011/03/08 | 432 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-10068-3