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Desmontando los mitos económicos de la derecha / Dismantling the myths of right wing economics
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Desmontando los mitos económicos de la derecha / Dismantling the myths of right wing economics


This is a book for all those who think of economics as a very technical science full of numbers and apparently complicated indicators that only experts understand. It shows us that one doesn’t need academic training to understand the essence of economic phenomena. They’re much simpler than they seem. The only thing you need to know is that politics and economics are inextricably linked, that the current economic situation benefits some and harms others and that the former will do everything they can to make sure that things never change. 

This is also a book for progressives who are sick of hearing, when they call for a greater redistribution of wealth and income: “I only wish that were possible,” but who have no ready answer. Eduardo Garzón debunks such defeatism with careful reasoning, providing us with the tools to better understand economics, showing how we can make economies work for the greater good and exposing the lies that the economic right forces upon us at every level of the system. 

Eduardo Garzón (Logroño, 1988) has a degree in Economics and Business Administration and Management from the Universidad de Málaga and took the final year in Business Administration and Management at the University of Windesheim, in The Netherlands. He has a Masters in International Economics and Development from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and a Doctorate in Economics from the same university. He is currently an economic advisor for the Municipality of Madrid and a Member of the Foundation for a Citizens’ Europe (IU) and the Scientific Council of ATTAC Spain. He regularly appears in media outlets such as eldiario.es, La Marea, El Jueves, Telecinco, TVE and La Sexta, and has created the economic blog Saque de esquina.

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An introduction to the economic universe from a left-wing perspective

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Publishing date: 2017/04/11 | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9942-593-1