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Diario de una abuela de verano / Diary of a Summer Grandmother
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Diario de una abuela de verano / Diary of a Summer Grandmother


A tender, entertaining and unforgettable book, in which Rosa Regàs tells the story of the holidays she has spent with her grandchildren: “my own children call them “The Summer Camp”. It was my idea to look after their children in the month of July. That way, I’d be able to see them and enjoy their company at my leisure. For me, spending time with my grandchildren at home is a priceless gift, something that gives meaning to my home for the whole year. I sometimes wonder if this comes from a need to extend my own childhood memories and that maybe the two decades of my own placid and enjoyable youth were not sufficient to protect me against the slow education in life, and disappointment, that inevitably follows. It has occurred to me that your childhood dreams are always unobtainable, as they belong to that intimate area of human experience that nothing can ever really satisfy”.

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Publishing date: | 270 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-05222-7

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