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Diario de una chica del montón / The Diary of an Ordinary Girl
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Diario de una chica del montón / The Diary of an Ordinary Girl


Bea thinks that adults act in the strangest ways; worrying about things that she finds either pointless or just stupid. But, apparently, growing up is like the measles, it takes you by surprise and makes you completely different: some of the girls in her class have already started; they are beginning to change, act stupidly and worse: getting interested in boys! Even some of her friends! Bea knows what she wants: she wants to stay just as she is, crazy about drawing comics and not have any breasts!
Titles in the series:
- Dan's Diary
- The Diary of an Ordinary Girl
- The Diary of a Nerd

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Portugal, France

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Publishing date: | 164 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-09147-9