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Rainy Days
Original title: Días de lluvia
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Rainy Days

Original title: Días de lluvia

Life often gives you a second chance The summer when Kaiet turns nineteen years old he decides to leave his village forever. 17 years later, however, his wife has died, his seven year old son is barely talking to him and Kaiet thinks that it might be the perfect place to heal his wounds. This return journey will force him to face up to a past that he has left behind and lead to an unexpected reunion that will change his perspective on love.

The author’s novels have won the top prizes on the national scene including the Rincón Romántico Prize and the Dama Prizes.

Written in Ibirika’s characteristic style, the novel resounds with sincerity, emotion and feelings but also explores the difficulty of family relationships, reconnecting with a love from the past and hidden secrets, with the sea as a backdrop.

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Publishing date: | 448 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-11229-7 | Imprint: Booket