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Donde los hombres llevaban sombrero / Where Men Wore Hats
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Donde los hombres llevaban sombrero / Where Men Wore Hats


Three friends, Stanley Mortimer, Joan Alison and Martín Ugarte, meet by chance in Havana after ten years without seeing each other.

All three come to the island for different reasons but with a common goal: to find something that gives meaning to their lives. Around their meeting, different political and criminal intrigues take place, including a kidnapping, several murders and the search for a sunken treasure in the Caribbean. Martín will also have to clarify his feelings towards Joan in a city, Havana, where he will also meet Carolina Bacardí, a rich young heiress, and Tatalí, a very young and charming prostitute who dazzles him.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-233-5398-9

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