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No te pierdas...
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El amor es un cupcake relleno de pimienta / Love is a Cupcake Stuffed with Pepper

El amor es un cupcake relleno de pimienta / Love is a Cupcake Stuffed with Pepper


Helena has it all: a fantastic family, very good friends, a safe job with a future... but she’s feeling suffocated. After a motorcycle accident, she realizes that life might be shorter than she thought. From that moment on, Helena decides to live every second of her life to the full. Her father tells her that she’s throwing away a great career as an architect and gives her some stunning news: she won’t be allowed to go back to the family studio. Helena doesn’t understand why he’s done this but her mother helps her to see that all is not what it seems.

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Highlights Love is a Cupcake Stuffed with Pepper


An erotic romantic comedy that takes us to Africa in search of the protagonist’s roots.


A fresh, fun and very contemporary novel. Simple in style, it is perfectly written for the genre.


The protagonist is a girl who matures as she goes back to her home country in search of her roots. A relaxed read with plenty of humour.

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Publishing date: 2016/09/13 | 352 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-15965-0