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The Murder of Socrates
Original title: El asesinato de Sócrates
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The Murder of Socrates

Original title: El asesinato de Sócrates

Greece, 5th Century B.C.

A shadowy oracle predicts the death of Socrates. A newborn baby is condemned to death by his own father. Greece is ravaged by a war between Athens and Sparta. El asesinato de Sócrates is a masterful recreation of one of the most extraordinary periods in Western history. Mothers fighting for their children, doomed lovers and soldiers struggling for survival come together in a fascinating combination with the governors, artists and thinkers who made Greece the cradle of civilization.

The pages of this gripping novel gleam with the inimitable figure of Socrates, a man whose life and death have inspired us for centuries as the philosopher who marked a watershed in the history of humanity.

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A philosopher who changed the world. A dark prediction. A historical mystery set in Ancient Greece’s most exciting century.

Rights sold

Salani (Italy), Les Escales (France), Patakis (Greece), Presença (Portugal).

International editions

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Publishing date: | 768 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-16318-3 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta