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The Chance of Laura Ulloa
Original title: El azar de Laura Ulloa
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The Chance of Laura Ulloa

Original title: El azar de Laura Ulloa

In Vilavedra, a small town sitting at the edge of the ocean, time seems to stand still; but even in a place like this the past can return to haunt you. For decades, Juana, has been a witness to the hidden passions of the Ulloa family. She remembers the old count Gondomar, the patriarch of the family, who felt a terrible passion for a woman who didn’t belong to him; she remembers his sons, Rafael and Jacobo, destined to live separated by an ocean, and she recalls the story of the young Laura, chosen by destiny to carry out his work. Eventually the family secrets become known, passed on by word of mouth until they become a legend that can only be mentioned in a whisper. Galicia and Cuba are two far-flung lands where news is brought by the wind, but the same air brings warnings as well.

A novel full of family secrets, fear, suspicions and unmentionable desires.

Rights sold

ASA (Portugal), Muza (Poland), Record (Brazil).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 200 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-06566-1 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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