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El candidato de Dios / God's Candidate
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El candidato de Dios / God's Candidate


In La ciudad sin tiempo, the first part of Enrique Moriel’s series, the protagonist was an ageless man, capable of re-living and recounting the most epic and dramatic episodes in the history of Barcelona, from the Middle Ages until today. Now, the action moves to New York. The protagonist of El candidato de Dios, Timothy Gaylor, a secretive and mysterious banker, seems to have inhabited all ages and has learnt much about the passions and weaknesses of men, about the will to power and its uses. During the whirlpool of an American election, someone is pulling the strings with extraordinary astuteness. The sinister intentions of the man who has watched the centuries pass and who contemplates the world through the windows of his Manhattan office, does not fit with the central message of the most humble candidate for the presidency of the United States. Christian Earth preaches love and forgiveness, but what many don’t know is that he is Gaylor’s son. To complicate things further, another candidate is murdered at a party and a Foundation has to decide which candidate to support with its considerable funds. There is also a beautiful woman who knows too much about too many powerful men and the mafia becomes involved. Then Gaylor receives an important visitor from the Vatican…

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Publishing date: | 400 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4036-1

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