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El Círculo del Alba / The Dawn Circle
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El Círculo del Alba / The Dawn Circle


Madrid, 1903. Bruno Moreto is presented with a big challenge. His tutor, Ernesto Olmedo, a Forensic Doctor, advisor to the police and owner of a funeral home, has died under strange circumstances in which everything points to suicide. He leaves behind him a mortgaged business with debts that seriously threaten Bruno’s future.

The brother of the deceased, Hugo Bonaventura, an Italian count with a reputation for an extravagant lifestyle, comes to Madrid to settle his brother’s affairs. Then events take an unexpected turn: Bruno and Bonaventura will find themselves caught up in the investigation of several ritual murders of young girls whose roots stretch back to the darkest days of Olmedo.

In spite of their differences, they will have to join forces to uncover a mystery that has been lying dormant during three decades of silence.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-16224-7