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El consejo / The Council

El consejo / The Council


Delgado has just joined the company. He is a young, serious, highly qualified executive. His first act will be to prepare a presentation for potential investors willing to increase the company’s capital. However, after a boring first draft filled with unintelligible data and figures, the board of directors decides that Delgado needs help from a ‘superconsultant’. The only catch is that this mysterious character lives in a remote place which he never leaves so the young man will have to go to find him. As a guide and companion he will be assigned a dishevelled, friendly extrovert called Gordillo. Together they will begin a journey full of accidents and strange encounters on which Delgado will discover the best and worst of himself.

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Highlights The Council


A fascinating story about the power of story telling.

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Publishing date: 2011/05/24 | 280 pages | ISBN: 978-84-92414-56-7