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El decálogo de la hermandad blanca / The Ten Commandments of the White Brotherhood
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El decálogo de la hermandad blanca / The Ten Commandments of the White Brotherhood


In the 1920s, the famous Russian explorer and painter Nicholas Roerich went in search of Shambhala. His convoy headed to the Gobi. And, to be close to the mountains of Altai-Himalaya, Roerich –and the lamas who accompanied him-- saw a golden object moving in the sky. The lamas were not surprised. For the monks, they were the guardians of the intraterrestrial world. Those underground beings exist. And they have a code of life that we know by the name «Decadron.» 

This is probably one of the few books—perhaps the only-- that seriously addresses the philosophy and teachings of the mysterious White Brotherhood of the intraterrestrial world. In an incredible contact experience in the jungles of Paititi, Ricardo González receives this set of life principles that govern these elusive underground people of legendary Paititi.

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Highlights The Ten Commandments of the White Brotherhood


A profound and spiritual work that is an essential handbook for every pilgrim of Light.

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Publishing date: | 120 pages | ISBN: 978-84-92545-93-3

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