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The Saldaña File
Original title: El documento Saldaña
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The Saldaña File

Original title: El documento Saldaña

Miguel Cortés, an adventurer who survives by accepting any kind of job on the limits of legality, receives a strange proposal: to find and recover an old document written by a successful businessman from the beginning of the last century. The document contains the key to an artistic treasure of incalculable value. The woman who was holding it has been brutally murdered and the Saldaña File has now mysteriously disappeared. Attracted by the offer of a generous reward, Cortés accepts the mission that will introduce him into a strange world of mirrors in which nothing is as it seems and which will eventually take him close to a fabulous artistic treasure that disappeared during the chaotic beginnings of the Spanish Civil War and was thought lost forever: an artistic legacy for which a surprising amount of people are willing to kill. Alongside Miguel Cortés, Lola, an expert in art and the companion of the murdered woman, will become his most important ally during this dangerous and thrilling adventure.

A fascinating adventure story about the search for a hidden treasure vanished in the bowels of old Madrid.

“Bold, absorbing and disquieting, this novel aims to take the Spanish thriller to a new level ... and it does so successfully”, LORENZO SILVA

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Publishing date: | 300 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-07892-0 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta