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El final de la dictadura / The End of the Dictatorship
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El final de la dictadura / The End of the Dictatorship


It’s no coincidence that this book is entitled “The End of the Dictatorship” and not the “History of the Transition”. This is because, during the months in which this story takes place, what we witness is the end of a dictatorship, whose moment of rupture occurs when parties and unions are legalized, political freedoms are recognized, amnesty is accepted and free elections are held.

In this process of conquering freedom, different social groups played essential roles. Protests in the street were met with repressive harshness by the government, but in the end, conciliation and temporary consensus prevailed, and a new clash between Spaniards was thus avoided.

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The conquest of democracy in Spain (November 1975 - December 1978)

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Publishing date: | 792 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-5354-8