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El informe Casabona / The Casabona Report
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El informe Casabona / The Casabona Report


Alejandro Casabona has been everything in public Spanish life: a major businessman, a patron and a political figure (firstly in the struggle against Franco, then as parliamentary leader during the Transition). At almost ninety years old, he is still active and influential until he dies suddenly for mysterious reasons at a gala dinner at the Royal Palace before the stunned gazes of the royals and his young third wife.

In his will, he leaves a substantial legacy to an institute of business ethics but before accepting it, the director of the institute commissions the investigator Víctor Balmoral to find out just how ethical Casabona was.

Was Casabona a role model or an unscrupulous businessman? Was he a political servant or did he twist politics to suit his needs? What role did he play in the death of his wife? These are the questions that Balmoral must find an answer to during an investigation that turns out to be far
more complicated than he initially thinks. With this novel, Vila-Sanjuán begins a series featuring a journalist turned investigator with in-depth knowledge of the secret life of the city.

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Salani (Italy), Muza (Poland)

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-233-5191-6

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