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El mirlo blanco / The White Blackbird
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El mirlo blanco / The White Blackbird


When Count Abrino is about to die, he asks Bodius, his best knight, to take him back to his castle; to his daughter Auria. Three years earlier, hounded by the populace’s accusations of witchcraft, the young woman decided to seclude herself in a solitary tower known as the Crow’s Nest.
Although Bodius is able to find the beautiful youth, the count dies before they arrive. Auria is the legitimate heir to the castle, but the fearsome Osio manages to snatch it away before she can make her claim. And if the malevolent priest is able to stir up the old fears about the girl, she’ll never be able to recover her inheritance...
Will the union between Bodius and Auria be able to overcome the avarice of evil?

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Publishing date: | 400 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-08929-2

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